Monday, July 20, 2009

Walk that Demystified Me

Morning dews on the leaf blades are more beautiful than the pearls on the neck of a gal. Well, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and I see it that way. When I got up on Sunday, it took a while for me to realise we are in a resort (if it can be called so) on day-2 of our trip. When I came down after getting myself ready, I saw only two others who had come out.One was the Ashok, enigmatic person, there is something about him that he stays away from crowd. He is either scared or shy, but good person to be with. Another person was Anand, who I thought would be lost in the group of unknowns. But amazingly he had mixed himself so well with our group that at times I had a feeling I was more outsider than he was. We moved towards the river flowing next to the resort. On the way we heard some screeching noises. When we turned around, we saw two small kittens locked in a generator room. The sight was horrifying but understandable. The kittens cannot be let free in a place where there are beasts (dogs).May be those kittens were crying to be taken to their mom. We tried drawing their attention for a while and when we felt we too are helpless we started moving towards the river. Just as we came out of the resort we saw a Royal Cemetry. It was truly Royal. The monuments within were so elegant and beautiful that person on whom those were built must be very lucky.It was clean and had towers, ovals were all scattered on the mat of a green grass with beautiful flower plants every where. It was silent. It was beautiful. I just saw the board which stated that the last burial happened there in 1856. I stood there seeing the burials from the gate n I could feel the silence. There was no sound that my ear could hear, there was no coldness in the breeze that my skin could feel, and there was no sight that my eyes could see. All that was infront of me was blankness, infinite blankness. I guess I was dead for a while seeing the deads. It all happened in a whisker of a moment. Just like that. Immediate moment, Ashok pulled me towards the river. It was too calm to be a river. Absollutely still. Birds were flying around, water was still. I was wondering about the irony, the Cauvery river which was so ferocious and aggressive in those falls had become calm n silent. That contrast was truly amazing. We kept looking at water without thinking much about anything. Couple of minutes later it was time for us to head back to resort hoping every body would be ready for breakfast. While moving from river to resort I took the last glance of the beautiful cemetery. I never thought that a cemetry can be so interesting.Now that the tour is all over and the fun has siezed, that moment of silence will be one I would cherish for long. I realised silence is not a state nor a mass. We can never get silence, we can only pursue silence.

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  1. Loved your description on the cemetery and its silence..keep blogging!